TealM now. Don't TealM later.
This blog is about the beauty of the color Teal and any mixture with it that brings out this wonderful color.
Life. Stories. Regrets. Wisdom. Fashion. Music.

Sound out "TealM" and what do you get? Would sound like "Tell em" if you're trying to sound it out. I believe keeping things in a certain amount of time is a waste. Even if you moved on with your life with a new person or a new career don't let what your heart carries on. Don't let it effect your new life but let the person know what was on your mind. So many things in life gets left unsaid. And undone.

Fatma Dress, Silk Chiffon Evening Dress by Tamara Al Gabbani


"Well it might be a spoonful of coffee
Might be a spoonful of tea
Just a little spoonful of your precious love
Good enough for me” -Willie Dixon

Absolutely love the fact you love coffee and tea my handsome barista.

It looks beautiful at an angle but dead on, oh my gosh, its magnificent.

"Follow the ocean, follow your head, Don’t worry about us you’re already dead…" - m4k4v3l1

Really want to take up crochet.

Will this also fit you?

"….using eco-friendly fabrics and ethical distribution practices, making your look as green as your lush surroundings. Trudging up the path to a doorway full of smiling faces, you open your cute cover up, revealing the festive knit sweater that tops your charcoal pants and chestnut boots - what a heartwarming scene!"

Gosh they are so descriptive.

I’m waiting in the dark
I thought that you’d be here by now
There’s nothing but the rain…” -Avril Lavigne

Blowing my mind away.

"This dress can be worn in an infinite amount of ways, elegant, sophisticated, comfortable, sexy, provocative, conservative, casual… Cap sleeve, strapless, halter, backless, deep-v, one-shoulder, kimono like, grecian, even as a skirt 
only a few different ways are shown in the photos but there is many more ways to wear this dress” -Dalina

"Hatsune Mikuo: the gender bend of Hatsune Miku" -fluffy1123

Freaking brilliant.

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o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o Teal & White paracord bracelet

Just like this one but a squid.

Think of the outfits.

Thats it I’m wearing this with my wedding dress.